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Succesful Doctoral Dissertation Defence by Nina Boy
News - 22. February 2013

Succesful Doctoral Dissertation Defence by Nina Boy

Succesful Doctoral Dissertation Defence by Nina Boy

Nina Boy defended her PhD dissertation on Tuesday 19 February at Lancaster University, UK.

The thesis, titled 'The Security of Public Credit', is an analysis of the evolution of the notion of national credit as a pillar of national sovereignty. Through a series of four articles, it examines the affinities between security understood as a national concern and security as it has developed in financial discourses. In their report, the two PhD examiners, Marieke de Goede (University of Amsterdam) and Paul Crosthwaite (University of Edinburgh), described the thesis as  ‘an innovative and important contribution to critical security studies and an original critique of Foucault, beautifully written’.

The thesis supervisor at Lancaster was Prof. Michael Dillon and, at PRIO, Peter Burgess. The thesis was written in the framework of the RCN SORISK project.

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